Finally, a perfect HR Solution for your Growing Business

We help small businesses across the country make the pivot away from trying to figure out HR for themselves, and giving them a cost-effective solution to having experts run their Human Resources. 

Customize the best HR package for your Small business

HR isn’t the sexiest topic in entrepreneurship, but it’s one of the most important. From the time you have a single employee and beyond, you’re responsible for their professional health, wealth, and happiness. If you fail, your most important assets will leave; or quite frankly, sue you.


We provide personalized SHRM-certified HR support to the growing business owner in a cost-effective way. Small Business Virtual HR is the way to go. Whether that is a new employee handbook with specifics (location, industry, headcount,) a harassment complaint investigation, and everything in between. We have you covered and will ensure you are in complete compliance with your Local, State, and Federal employment laws.


Customized Employee Handbook

This is the foundation of your business and is necessary for any company. Our CYBHR professional will work with you hand-in-hand to customize a handbook with policies that work for you. All CYBHR handbooks are Industry Specific, Location-Specific and Employee Headcount Specific.


As a business owner, it is important to be sure that your employees are trained. Some of the training that we offer include sexual harassment, management training, interviewing training, and so many more!

HR Standard Operating Procedures

All processes in your business should have an associate standard operating procedure. That way, you can legally defend your business decisions when necessary. Hiring, terminations, injuries, and so many other SOPs should be in place at your business. We can help!

HR Complaint Investigations

CYBHR will assist you in complying with all legal regulations when managing employee complaints. When an employee is upset, it is paramount that they have the opportunity to voice a complaint before disengagement, stirring up office drama or quitting and filing a lawsuit. If a company does not have a “preventative and corrective opportunity” to make a complaint,  the company may be setting themselves up for a lawsuit.

Compensation Market Analysis

In order to retain your top talent, you want to be very sure that your pay ranges are competitive in the market! 

Drug testing & background screening

Failure to properly drug and background screen your new hires can result in serious lawsuits including negligent hiring. We will handle these for you!

FLSA Audit

Do you have hourly employees? Salary employees? Contractors? You must be very sure that your employees are properly classified in order to avoid a lawsuit. We can help run your employees through the duties test and ensure your compliance.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are so important when hiring, managing, and disciplining employees. Additionally, job descriptions provide you the support and documentation when backing up your business decisions to hire, demote, or terminate an employee.

Annual Events & Awards

What is the best way to show your employees that you appreciate them? It is different for every business, we will help you learn what works best for you and your team and assist in the management of these events.

Team Building

Our team has extensive experience in creating and maintaining the most positive culture. Let us help you with your team building!

Anonymous Employee Survey

Have you ever wondered what your employees truly think about working at your company? Our process ensures that employees feel comfortable providing feedback and that the management team gets the most honest feedback possible.

The number of individual employees we have helped

number of employee issues resolved and potential lawsuits avoided

The CYBHR Guarantee 

We guarantee that if you follow CYBHR’s HR direction you will be compliant with all HR requirements at your small business.

You will absolutely feel more comfortable with your HR management and internal processes and procedures after working with our team.

You’re not just an entrepreneur, you’re also an investor.

As you add processes, protections, and assets to your business – your company’s value increases. CYBHR is the best small business virtual HR.

We are your virtual sherpa throughout any HR issue that you face. The end result will be a more valuable, lucrative, and healthy business.

It’s this simple:

Step 2:


As soon as you sign up, you will be assigned a SHRM-Certified CYBHR Rep HR representative that will work with you exclusively – personalizing your HR for your needs.


Step 3:


We will evaluate your HR issues, make suggestions and help to implement procedures that will ensure your HR Department is the least of your concerns.


Step 4:

We will offer simple step-by-step action plans to assist compliance, growth, and performance goals.

Is it a question of “can you afford this” or “can you afford not to do this?”


“Most Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) claims still arise under Title VII, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin and religion. The EEOC received 33,512 race discrimination charges in 2012, 31,208 Title VII retaliation charges and 30,356 sex discrimination charges.” -Society of Human Resource Management


“Statistics show that somewhere between 36%-53% of small businesses are involved in at least one litigation in any given year and 90% of all businesses are engaged in litigation at any given time”

– Forbes

CYBHR Professionals have been certified in HR by the Society of Human Resources Management, which separates us from the thousands of people who may claim to be HR Professionals but really aren’t!

And speaking of these professionals who claim that they are HR Professionals, CYBHR is fully insured, meaning, you can sleep better at night knowing that the advice you are being given is not only legal, but backed by a team of insurance professionals.

What You Receive:


Convenient HR Expertise

Receive HR expertise when you want it. 24/7 email availability to your assigned certified HR representative.

Professional HR Strategies

You can strategize with your assigned HR professional or download your concern from our extensive online library.


Easy HR Action Plans

Your personal HR professional desires to give you the exact easy-to-follow action plan to reach your company’s goals.

faqs – Here’s what we get asked the most:

If you don’t see your question listed here, please reach out to us and let us answer it personally,
Why is CYBHR important for my company?

CYBHR is the best small business virtual HR option for you. We are a team of SHRM-Certified HR Professionals and we are built to grow with you as you grow. We are a cost-effective option for businesses on a budget while providing you with years and years of HR experience. You are in the BEST and most capable hands when you are a CYBHR client.

What is the client portal?

You will receive access to the CYBHR client portal as soon as you sign up for any of our monthly options. Inside the client portal, you will be able to access all of the updated HR forms you need for your company. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to schedule a call with your CYBHR HR professional using our calendar in under 5 minutes.

What certifications do CYBHR professionals have?

CYBHR Professionals have been certified in HR by the Society of Human Resources Management, which separates us from the thousands of people who may claim to be HR Professionals but really aren’t!

Is CYBHR's work insured?

CYBHR is fully insured, meaning, you can sleep better at night knowing that the advice you are being given is not only legal but backed by a team of insurance professionals.

I need an Employee Handbook specific to my company location and headcount, do you offer that?

Absolutely! The best part of CYBHR is that we can assist you with any of your HR needs, including customizing your Employee Handbook! When you schedule a time to speak with your HR pro, let them know you are interested in learning more about our CYBHR Bootcamp! 

I am on a budget but want to be sure I am following the law! What are the HR options I can choose from?

There are multiple tiers of assistance, that way, you can choose which option fits your budget best. HR Assistant, HR Generalist, and HR Director! No matter which option you choose, CYBHR will provide you with the HR support you need at a small business! Check out the options on our sign up page by CLICKING HERE.

What is the HR Hotline for my employees?

The CYBHR Hotline acts as your early warning system – you wouldn’t have a house with no fire alarm, right? Wouldn’t you want to know about a concern before the pot gets stirred versus having to find out about the issue after it has snowballed? This provides the management team the opportunity to prevent further issues and potential lawsuits in the future!

My employees are happy why would I need a hotline?

It is not a matter of IF you have an issue, it is a matter of when. In the era of “Me Too,” you must be vigilant as a business owner and be aware of issues as they occur, preferably with enough time to correct the concern. Employees are happy until they are not. 25-33% of all employees are disengaged and it only takes one upset employee to flip your business on its head.

Will the optional HR hotline make my employees make more complaints than if I didn’t have this service?
The employees are making complaints either way. The only difference is if the complaint is going directly to your HR Professional at CYBHR or going instead to coworkers at the water cooler and stirring up drama, wasting endless amounts of time and money, and most likely putting you even more at risk by spreading it around. Our response time is very quick, so we are cutting the employee off at the pass before giving their coworkers time to join into the water cooler drama.
What is Constructive Discharge?
A gap in this area leaves the opportunity for an employee to file a lawsuit! When an employee quits or resigns from a job because they were subjected to illegal working conditions that were so intolerable that they felt they had no other choice, it’s called a constructive discharge. Even though an employee quits, the law treats them as if they were fired, because the employer essentially forced them out. This can result in a lawsuit costing tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of manpower!
My office manager handles my employee issues, how would this benefit them?

CYBHR is an option for companies of any size. We can work with your office manager or any other internal designee to handle situations on their schedule as needed. This gives that person the opportunity to gather resources in order to respond legally without further causing drama.

What If I need help managing an HR complaint?
CYBHR offers an additional service where you are paired with your own SHRM-Certified, dedicated but virtual HR professional to answer any and all questions when it comes to the management of employee relations issues. You’ll never be more than minutes away from the right answers when it comes to your team.
I just tell them to contact my attorney! Why would I want an additional service to pay for?

Our concierge service is free. We are pretty sure that your attorney costs a bit more than that! If you prefer to work with your attorney once we have received a message on your behalf, no hard feelings! We do hope that you work with a CYBHR Certified Professional, however that is completely up to you!

How do you avoid a constructive discharge lawsuit?
It takes less than 5 minutes to cover your bases and ensure that you are free from the liability of handling employee complaints. Step 1) Sign Up with CYBHR, Step 2) Provide the prewritten CYBHR email (that you will receive in your welcome packet) to your employees, directing them how to contact us, and believe it or not..that’s all! You are now covered!

If a complaint comes into our CYBHR team, our team of Certified HR Professionals will receive and document the complaint legally, get all of the required documentation and back story, and forward on to the appropriate internal company designee. You will NEVER have to be blindsided by an employee making a complaint again! Once you have had the opportunity to review the complaint in full detail, you can prepare for the management of the complaint instead of being cornered by an employee and saying the wrong (sometimes illegal) thing.

Client Testimonials

What an amazing group with some wonderful people! Definitely a great resource for small businesses needing help with human resource issues or projects.

Our HR Pro is a powerhouse! Not only have I referred her to my CEO friends, I have also used her services myself. This is first rate!

The CYBHR team is the best in the business HANDS DOWN! Our certified HR Pro is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’ll definitely be recommending CYBHR to everyone I know!

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