HR Specialist Monthly Subscription

$99.99 $89.99 / month with a 7-day free trial

CYBHR’s HR Specialist is perfect for any small business that wants to be sure they have their HR bases covered! 

An HR Specialist is someone who is familiar with all things HR. They can assist with the management of employees, hiring, terminations, corrective actions, and any other issues that may occur daily at your company!

At the base level, as a business owner, you NEED a few things in place to cover your HR bases (even if you have only one employee!).

That being said, we understand that all businesses may not be interested in having a fulltime HR professional.

This option will give you everything that is included in the HR Assistant package, as well as a quarterly training of your choice (sexual harassment training, management training, etc.)!

We will help you build out your Human Resources Department, hand-in-hand with a SHRM-Certified HR Specialist at your small business, all while you have an HR professional-just a click away for any basic questions you may have!

It is never too early to get it right the first time! If at any time you are in need of additional HR help, your team is here for you the entire time!

You can just book a slot and chat with your HR pro, it is that easy!


CYBHR's HR Specialist is great for any small business that wants to be sure their HR bases are covered!

What comes with this option?

  • Access to CYBHR library of legally compliant and required HR forms
  • Calendar access to schedule a call quickly & conveniently with a CYBHR professional
  • Companywide HR HOTLINE direct to a CYBHR professional
  • Up to three (3) 15-minute one-on-one calls with a Certified CYBHR professional per month
  • Unlimited email consultations with a CYBHR certified HR Professional
  • Bi-annual HR Training presented by a SHRM-Certified HR Director (optional)
  • 25% off CYBHR Bootcamp and additional consulting time (outside of selected retainer) spent working on additional HR Management issues


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